Project management and Consulting

The experience we have gained in different projects gives us the confidence to take over the management of a client’s overall investment project or to advise the Client in the process of realizing his investment intentions.

Our teams have experience working on waste utilization projects, bio-gas installations, co-generation facilities, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Construction of factories in the light and heavy industries, including three breweries, biomass heating installations, wind and PV power plants, etc.

We have consulted projects for the construction of installations for energy recovery of sewage sludge, for the treatment of biodegradable waste, for the recycling of waste, for the extraction of biogas, for the improvement of energy efficiency at different production facilities, for the implementation of alternative energy sources in industry and in projects for the production of green energy.

We have highly qualified specialists in the fields of environmental protection, waste management, recycling, energy efficiency and alternative energy sources.

TR Machine Group EOOD offers complete engineering for your investment projects. With our help, you will get comprehensive solutions for your ideas. We guarantee the peace of mind of our clients in the implementation of their investment projects.

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