TR Machine Group

is an engineering company, specialized in waste and alternative energy sources. The company operates mainly in Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey and other Balkan countries. We represent three machine building companies from Turkey, well established in their field. Our teams have extensive experience in the delivery, installation and servicing of specific industrial equipment and energy facilities, tailored to client’s orders and depending on customer’s requirements. We offer complex solutions for the design and construction of installations for energy recovery of sewage sludge, separation and recycling of waste. We also offer fully equipped lines for pelleting various wastes or timber. Our main supplies of equipment come from Turkey. Turkish engineering companies have invested a lot recently in the modernization and development of their production, thus establishing themselves as a good balancer on the Price-Quality axis. The experience we have gained in different projects gives us the confidence to take over the management of a client’s overall investment project or to advise the Client in the process of realizing his investment intentions. We guarantee the peace of mind of our clients in the implementation of their investment projects.
We make things happen. Challenges present our most powerful stimulus for development.
Mustafa Ahmedov
Executive Director

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