Recovery of sewage sludge from Waste water treatment plants


Sewage sludge from urban or industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants is a very serious problem and their volume is increasing every day. According to the European regulations on sludge management, sludge landfilling shall be forbidden in 2020 and must be 100% used. Given the serious amount of phosphorus contained in sludge and following European and world trends, any treatment should be guaranteed to extract phosphorous from sludge, where the most efficient and economically viable way is to extract phosphorus from the ash formed as a result of burning sludge

TR Machine Group EOOD is the exclusive representative of INEVA, which deals with the design and construction of installations for the energy recovery of sewage sludge. INEVA’s innovative technology allows sludge to be recovered without drying it first. Our technology is based on a well known method, approved by the European Commission – burning sludge in a fluidized bed of sand type reactors. INEVA has a highly efficient technology that guarantees minimum emissions and energy production as a result of the recovery process. Energy is generated in the form of steam, which can be converted into green electricity through a steam turbine.

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