Coolers and Packaging Systems


Cooling systems have several levels of cooling. Through the screeners and fans it help normalize the temperature of the heated pellets after they exit the pellet press. This prevents condensation in the bags. Moisture level is a very important factor in the production and storage of pellets. Pellets must be well cooled before packaging, which is why we always suggest the use of refrigeration systems.

TR Machine Group EOOD is in a position of offering cooling systems of different capacities.

Packaging systems

Packaging systems could be automatic or semi-automatic. We offer machine makes with adhesive nylon bags or with sewn bags, suitable for textile and nylon bags.

Technological lines for the production of pellets have accessory equipment such as conveyor belts, screw conveyors, elevators, cyclones for dust collection, hopper-type bins and silos for pellets and wooden chips, spare parts, etc.

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